MingoPerks FAQs

What’s the lowdown on MingoPerks? 
Black Mingo’s MingoPerks may be the greatest thing since the invention of air conditioning. Once you experience it, you can’t imagine living without it. With the MingoPerks rewards program, you can earn points on every purchase which can be used to purchase cool stuff from Black Mingo at a discount or no cost. Your receipt will show your current balance of MingoPerks that you can apply as a payment during checkout on your next visit. In addition, we’ll be able to reward our loyal customers with exclusive offers like special sales, events, and exclusive promotions. From time to time, we’ll email you special offers where you can earn even more MingoPerks. Plus, keep an eye on our social channels for chances to win some extra MingoPerks.

How do I join the MingoPerks program? What’s the catch?
It’s pretty simple. All is required is your first & last name, and a unique and valid email address. Membership also requires a transaction to be activated. Otherwise, there are no obligations for enrollment in MingoPerks.

How do I earn MingoPerks?
You get them for every purchase you make at Black Mingo, except for gift cards (see below). For most items, you’ll get 1% of your sales in MingoPerks ($100 = 1 point). You may get more on some items. We’ve also got some fun ideas on ways you’ll be able to earn MingoPerks points that won’t involve purchasing, breaking any laws, or taking off any clothes. Give us a little time to finish getting it together. In addition to running a small business, we’re also driving kids to soccer and having to keep up with 3rd and 6th grade subjects. Be sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

How do I use my MingoPerks?
MingoPerk points can be applied for credit at the time of purchase in the store. Just let the sales clerk know when they ask “how do you want to pay?” One (1) MingoPerk point gets you $1.00 off and we track it to the penny.

How does Black Mingo use our information?
We’ll never share your information without your permission. We won’t spam, but may occasionally send emails with your reward point balances and/or specials for MingoPerks customers. If you don’t like it, you can easily opt out and you won’t hurt our feelings. [And while we’re on this subject, our point of sale system is regularly tested for PCI compliance to ensure that credit cards can be securely processed. The way our system is setup, the sensitive credit card data travels directly and securely to the processor, which then relays an approval code to our system. It’s all happening in the cloud nowadays. So there is really nothing on our computers that the Russians would want.]

How do I change my email or other contact information? Can I do it online? I’m getting multiple program emails with different MingoPerks balances.
Our current setup doesn’t provide a way for you to make changes online after the initial signup. But it’s something we can easily do. You can either let us know while you are in the store, or send an email letting us know the changes to make. If you are getting multiple emails showing different MingoPerks balances, chances are you’ve been signed up more than once. We can consolidate the accounts into one, including the points, if you let us know. Again, just shoot us an email.

Do I get a MingoPerks card to carry, or a fob for my keyring?
Nope. And there is no secret knock to enter or secret handshake. We just need your name when you checkout at the store. And please try to remind the sales clerk ringing you up that you’re in the MingoPerks program to make sure you get credit for your purchase. Your name will be printed on your receipt along with the MingoPoints you earned and your current balance. If you forget to identify your MingoPerks membership while making a purchase, you can still get credit by sending an email with your name, the date of purchase, and the receipt #. Please don’t call the store because most of the back office work is done off site and at times when most people are sleeping.

Can I share my MingoPerks membership with my family?
Yes, no or maybe. Technically, there is only one person per rewards program. However, we regularly group households because their transactions are mixed and they often the share the same source of payments. And combined, the reward points get more significant. We normally list the account in the name of the more frequent customer in the store. This has yet to be a problem, but combining accounts could create a domestic issue of who is entitled to use the reward points. If this were to happen, our policy would just be to provide the facts, and let things get ironed out back at home. Our system only allows 1 email address per MingoPerks account, so the recipient will need to share with the rest when we send out the deals. We’re more than happy to set each household member with separate account. However, only one account can earn points on a transaction and multiple accounts can’t be redeemed together.

Where do I need to record my MingoPerks on my personal balance sheet?
MingoPerks points can be used for discounts on future purchases, but otherwise has NO redeemable cash value to be considered asset. We hope you tell your accountant that Black Mingo is really cool store that they need to visit if they haven’t already. This is not intended as legal or tax advice. Please consult with your professional advisor before making any tax-based decisions.

Do MingoPerks expire?
They don’t expire as long as the account stays active. Accounts that have been dormant for more than 2 years will need to be purged, because we’ll get signups from vacationers, transients, and those that may have moved on to the other side. It’s important for us to keep a handle on the membership for our accounting purposes.

Do I get MingoPerks for buying a gift card?
Unfortunately, purchasing gift cards doesn’t earn MingoPerks since the receiver will get points when they use your gift card to buy the things we have that they really want. We understand this starts to challenge the adage “it’s better to give than receive,” but we didn’t write the software. You’re welcome gift receivers.

I’m sold, how do I sign up for MingoPerks?
Just come to Black Mingo. We have a postcard you can fill-out with all the necessary information, or a receipt from your purchase will include a website link to sign-up. We can’t sign you up on the phone.

Are there any other rules, conditions, policies, or disclaimers I need to know about Black Mingo’s MingoPerks program?

Here’s a few more….

  • Rewards are based upon a number of factors, each subject to change, including without limitation, volume and type of purchases at Black Mingo, type and amount of personal information provided (for example, a unique and valid email address and phone number), and type and amount of participation in and/or interaction with Black Mingo’s activities. In the event of any discrepancy, Black Mingo’s determination of the size of the reward shall be final.
  • Rewards may not be earned or redeemed if unexpected technical difficulties arise.
  • Black Mingo has no responsibility to retroactively apply rewards or use of the membership.
  • MingoPerks points cannot be shared, exchanged, bequeathed, or collateralized to another member’s account.
  • Use of MingoPerks constitutes acceptance of all the program’s terms and conditions, except where prohibited by law.
  • Black Mingo reserves the right to change these policies or cancel this promotion at any time.